I am a conservative leaning Republican. I served as a local PCO for 15 years. For 8 of those years I was a local elected official. I have served on my County Republican Executive Committee, and served for 4 years on the state Central Committee and Executive Board (serving as Budget Chair for one year). I have assisted on a number of campaigns over those years. When I went back to Graduate School I backed out of my responsibilities with the Republican Party…only so many hours in a day, & I was still working. I am a strong conservative, and my thinking and writing will reflect that. I make no apologies for my conservative thoughts. I am a businessman who strongly believes in the capitalist and free-enterprise system. During the past presidential election, I edited a daily political email focused on the presidential campaign. I am of the opinion that the elected President was given a free pass by the “mainstream press” in that election. There are a lot of things that we were not told, nor were they investigated by the press. As the Republican Party rebuilds itself, I will follow that process. I welcome your comments, suggestions and insights. Thank you for being part of this journey.

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