Verdict (Zimmerman)…Wal Mart (forced wages)…& Birthers (the birth certificate is a fraud)…


Zimmerman trial articles…looks like this weekend may not be a good time to be in the south, in any large city!

Zimmerman Trial Is Not About Justice

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Zimmerman Judge Goes Off on Defense Attorney During Questioning (Video)

Judge Debra Nelson and defense attorney Don West had a heated exchange Wednesday when Nelson asked George Zimmerman whether he would testify. How did this person ever become judge? She’s biased. She’s opinionated. And she’s rude. Watch here…


Is the Judge Being Pressured By the Obama Administration?

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Watch George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Quote John Adams & Thomas Jefferson During Closing Arguments

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The Violent Nature of The Trayvon Martin Family and Attorneys (The Scheme Team)

As we write there is a specific and coordinated effort to distance the Trayvon Martin family and narrative from the violence that may take place after the Trial Verdict is delivered. However, we have a fully researched library of their lies and obfuscations. Here are collected reposts…

This post goes on to reveal a collection of articles that exposes the force behind the Zimmerman legal farce. It is quite revealing…read it all here…


Why is Joshua Chellew Less Important Than Trayvon Martin?

Read it here…& understand…


Rumblings of Lynchings Over Trayvon Verdict

More than a year ago, noted Republican commentator Pat Buchanan warned that the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case, in which neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman is on trial for murder, could provoke rioting.

“The public mind has been so poisoned that an acquittal of George Zimmerman could ignite a reaction similar to that, 20 years ago, when the Simi Valley jury acquitted the LAPD cops in the Rodney King beating case,” he warned.

It seems he may have been right. Read the rest here…


Riots Over Zimmerman Verdict: The Ultimate Goal is Full-Scale Jihad

There is a story behind the story in the Zimmerman case. We have all heard about the numerous tweets and posts that are promising vengeance if Zimmerman is acquitted, but you must look beyond that. The promised racial riots are simply a cover for something bigger in my opinion. The call for blacks to riot is simply a smoke screen for a hidden agenda. My best suggestion is to be prepared to defend your family because there are some who want these “riots” to extend outside the State of Florida and we must look at the source. Whenever the New Black Panther Party becomes involved I think it’s fair to look at the possible motivation.

This is scary…be aware of what happens, & watch out for the “smoke screen” and what follows…

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WA DC Council Trying to Dictate Wal Mart’s Wage Rates

The District of Columbia is trying to enact a new law that would force the discount retailer to pay its employees at least $12.50 an hour in each of its proposed six new stores in the city limits.

In this article MSNBC’s Hayes criticizes “Wal Mart’s raw assertion of power against the DC wage law.” But read on in the article & you find out the law is way out of bounds. Wal Mart has said that if the law prevails, they will go elsewhere to build their store, taking the 1800 jobs out of the city that desperately needs them. Read on for more…


MSNBC’s Smerconish Says that DC Mayor Gray Should Veto DC’s ‘Living Wage’ Bill Targeting Walmart

(This one is a lead candidate for top placement in this week’s “Even a stopped clock is right twice day” file.)

MSNBC’s Michael Smerconish, whose NewsBusters archive exposes him as a Barack Obama-supporting, right-wing conspiracy-mongering faux conservative, had a perhaps surprising reaction to the District of Columbia City Council’s 8-5 vote to force Walmart and other big box retailers in the city — just the ones which aren’t unionized — a living wage of $12.50 per hour. In a Thursday evening column at the network’s website, he advised DC Mayor Vincent Gray to veto it, and was actually quite logical about it.

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And more on Barak Obama’s birth certificate…& the utter disregard for authenticity of a demonstrably fraudulent federal document…


Who is Barack Hussein Obama, or is it Barry Soetoro?   

Doug Hagmann writes: With each passing day, it becomes more evident that the United States is a “captured operation,” and has been taken over from within. At the epicenter of the tyrannical takeover is none other than Barack Hussein Obama, a man also known as Barry Soetoro.

The terrifying yet largely unreported fact is that after two elections and nearly five years, we still do not know with certainty the legal name, true legal identity or status of the man holding the highest office in America.

Equally disturbing, and something that should concern everyone, is that anyone who continues to raise questions about Obama’s eligibility status or the authenticity of his long form birth certificate is either subjected to public ridicule or worse, threats to their safety.

He goes on:  Who is it that holds the most powerful position in America? What is the true, legal identity of the man who has “fundamentally changed” this country so much in such a short period of time, and is capable of changing it even more? Who is behind the face of power, and just who is setting the course of our country? These questions have yet to be satisfactorily answered. Soon, merely asking them will be made into a criminal act as our freedoms are continually eroded by a man whose identity remains in question.

As the silence and the media blackout of this matter continues, all three branches of our government appear to have been captured by an enemy from within. The corporate media is complicit in keeping the American public in the dark about the truth behind the identity of the most powerful man in the world.

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World Tribune calls Obama’s birth certificate “100% forgery”

by Dr. Eowyn

World Tribune.com describes itself as “the only American newspaper that focuses on international news” and which eschews “‘commodity news’ that is widely available on ‘mainstream media’ platforms, offering instead news of strategic significance, supplemented by exclusive intelligence reports on Geostrategy and  East Asia. Since December 1998, World Tribune.com has broken hundreds of exclusive stories in the North American market and has quietly influenced the coverage of the rapidly growing Internet media community.”

It is therefore of no small significance that World Tribune.com has seen fit to publish the following article, citing a respected and experienced document forensics expert, Reed Hayes, that Obama’s birth certificate is a “100 percent forgery”.
Read the article here…

NSA & Snowden…
The truth about the Snowden affair and why you should care

We have read much of Edward Snowden…a traitor? or a hero? He had to leave the USA to protect himself and literally his life. So what is going on? What really happened? Here is a short article by Doug Hagmann that simply lays out what has happened. He lays out the actions of Mr. Snowden very clearly and helps us to understand what really started this saga.

Doug Hagmann writes: “Some call Edward Snowden a traitor, while others call him a hero. One thing that is certain is that he cannot be both to the citizens of the United States. Interested by this stark difference of perception, I decided to investigate exactly what it was that he allegedly did that caused this drama that has captivated so many.  In the process, I found that there is a lot of misinformation and outright disinformation that exists about his actions. Most troubling is that much of it seems to be coming directly from officials within the U.S. government and members of the corporate media. In this investigative process, I also learned why every American, and every “free” person reading this regardless of what country in which you live, should be very concerned about the case of Edward Snowden.”

Read the rest here…


Matrix: Really, Who Is Edward Snowden

Here is a fascinating take on the person of Edward Snowden, who he really is, what what he really did…or didn’t do. An interesting take on this subject that will make you think…twice, or more…!

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NSA Whistleblower:  The Obama Administration is Afraid of You

I haven’t written much on Edward Snowden, though in this article it will be Snowden that presents his writing, warning Americans that the Obama administration is afraid of them. My thoughts on what he did are simple. I think he did the right thing in exposing government snooping where it had no business doing so. I believe I’m right on that because little attention by the media is being given to the corruption and more has been focused on Snowden and his former “pole dancing” girlfriend and his life than the real issue: The very real possibility that the Federal government is trampling all over the Fourth Amendment, along with other parts of the Constitution.

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Back To Benghazi…

Benghazi: The Only Scandal That Can Really Take Obama Down

Benghazi…the ghosts of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and ex-Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty haunt me at times…haunt me because I know they CANNOT Rest in Peace while their killers roam free to continue to NOT only dishonor their memory but also to dishonor the soul of ‘We the People’.

While I am NO investigative reporter I can connect the dots, and I can through deductive reasoning see truth hiding in a pile of nonsense…and ‘We the People’ are being fed just that…nonsense…by the Obama administration. And the worst part is that Barack HUSSEIN Obama and those who orbit around him know we know and simply don’t care.

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Whistleblower Exclusive: Benghazi cover-up is the proxy battle with the war with Iran

The immediate concern for the Obama administration after the attack in Benghazi was to cover up the connection with Iran and Syria to Ansar al Sharia and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) according to my Benghazi whistleblower source. The attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was not a terrorist attack; it was a nation-state attack, an escalation of war, and an opening of a new front in the tit for tat conflict with Iran and by extension their proxy partner Russia that is now being fought in Syria.

For anyone who thinks Americans will be told that Benghazi was a nation-state attack by ex-CIA chief David Petraeus in the near future they are in for a disappointment. He is part of the problem and has been for years. He sold his soul for shiny medals and financial perks and circuses long ago—and as his record shows, he will roll over again and again.

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Benghazi Spec-Ops Col. George Bristol Is Missing

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Benghazi investigation needs to talk with Marine Corps Colonel George Bristol who was in a key position in our Africa Command (AFRICOM) on September 11, 2012, the night of the attacks on our Benghazi “Special Mission.” Bristol’s AFRICOM superiors Rear Admiral Brian Losey (still on active duty) and General Carter Ham (now retired) have been questioned by the House, but Bristol is nowhere to be found. He is missing in retirement.

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the VETERAN, not the reporter,  who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble.
It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the VETERAN, not the politician, Who has given us the right to vote.
It is the VETERAN who salutes the Flag,
Thank You…

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

President Ronald Reagan spoke those prophetic words during his presidency, and this Memorial Day we must stop, reflect and give gratitude to the families of the men and woman who died protecting our liberty. The American people have always stopped to reflect on the great sacrifices that those in uniform have made and will continue to make. Memorial Day is a day to honor all those who have paid the ultimate price. We must never take for granted the sacrifice that our fellow Americans have made in defense of our Nation.

Even though we have set apart this special day for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, our troops deserve our admiration and support throughout the year, not just on a select few days.

I encourage everyone to visit a war memorial, a cemetery in their neighborhood or one of many observances across the district. The men and woman who have given their lives for us come from various backgrounds, various economic and social circumstance and various geographical parts of our nation, but they all share one thing in common. They all believed in America and were willing to stand up for their beliefs. Today and every day we stand united in our gratitude for these individuals.

Memorial Day has been a long standing tradition in the United States, According to the Veterans Affairs the first form of Memorial Day was actually called Decoration Day and was held in 1868. The day was meant as a day for decorating the graves of the dead veterans with flowers. Officially, Congress and President Lyndon Johnson declared that Waterloo, NY was the “birthplace” of Memorial Day in 1966. You can learn more about the origins of Memorial Day by clicking here.

Memorial Day is a time for our entire nation to come together and unite behind those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. The federal holiday, sales at the department store and backyard barbeques are far from the meaning of what Memorial Day truly represents. Memorial Day should always be a day to honor, remember and thank those who have fought for our liberties and lost their lives in doing so. Their selfless demeanor means that our nation lives on to fight another day. The success of the United States depends on individuals who are willing to die for what this great nation stands for. A nation with such heroes will endure the test of time and adapt to future challenges.

Memorial Day is also a day of reflection as we remember those who died on foreign battlefields around the world, thus enabling us to enjoy our way of life, our values and our freedoms. The Library of Congress has a greatVeterans History Project where you can learn about the sacrifices and realities of war. 

Congressman Randy Forbes, 2012


The Daily Caller’s “Leader’s” author Ginni Thomas writes:  “Diana West is a meticulous researcher who writes compellingly. She is also a new friend. Her new book, “American Betrayal,” reads like a historical thriller as she weaves remarkable details from a variety of sources, including intelligence archives from the collapsed Soviet Union. In this week’s interview, West explains the thesis of her book that she admits even shocked her: “Americans have been betrayed … by our leaders going back to FDR’s administration in the 1930s because we were penetrated by Soviet agents to such an extent that our policies and, indeed I argue, our character as a nation was subverted.” You may not agree, but give this one a read if you are ready to have your brain stretched!

This interview includes her observations about what is not being discussed in the Benghazi turmoil, why ideology matters, the inevitable erosion of trust in our government and President Obama’s record on relating to allies and enemies.

Go here to read about, then listen to the interview…


Race Remains a Factor

Erik Rush, a black man himself, writes: “Where blacks are concerned, Americans at large (and black Americans themselves) have been conditioned by politicos, activists and the media to overlook and even expect such things as high rates of poverty and crime, misfeasance in high places, nefarious tendencies, illegitimacy, and elements of general social instability and poor character. These expectations have been so thoroughly ingrained into our worldview that most Americans are not even cognizant of the fact that they have been so conditioned.”

He goes on to excoriate the political left’s lack of accountability imposed and expected with regard to black Americans from the lowest to the highest stations. Rush says, “This is a device of the political left; in its inherent racism, it was only natural that liberals impart a lack of expectations for this “culturally inferior” segment of society. It also made blacks easier to manipulate as a group.”

He then goes on to show how this lack of accountability has allowed Obama to “enjoy more latitude than his predecessors with regard to his actions.”

Rush goes on, “So, in pursuing his diabolical Marxist agenda, Obama knew that he would be able to gain far more ground than a white individual with the same plan. He may not have known precisely how dedicated and effective the press would be, or how long Americans would remain asleep, but he and his Cabinet had a pretty good idea of how far they could go. Or so one would think.”

Read the rest of the article here…


Obama urges end to war on terrorism

Neil Munroe, White House Correspondent, writes: “On Thursday, President Barack Obama urged an end to the war against terrorism, which legally began once Congress reacted to the jihadi attack on the Twin Towers.

“Our systematic effort to dismantle terrorist organizations must continue” through the use of courts and police, he announced in a speech at the National Defense University.

“This war, like all wars, must end. That’s what history advises. That’s what our democracy demands,” he said. Obama also acknowledged that the war was started by the jihadi ideology, which he called a “lie.”

Well, I have news for this President, & in the words of John Bolton, former UN Ambassador, “the president can’t end the war on terrorism by himself.” The war “is being waged against us” by jihadis, Bolton told Fox News after the speech. “Obama thinks of terrorism like a souped-up version of robbing a local Starbucks,” he said. Bolton argues that jihadis are motivated by a coherent, established idea of holy war for Islam, which urges near-perpetual war against non-Muslim governments.

Read the entire article here…


Covering Up Tracks…Tying Up Loose Ends?

Two FBI Agents Involved in Arrested Tsarnaev, Fell From Helicopter in VA…really??

Lois Alcorn, Executive Director of “Conservative 2 Conservative” has just posted that “two FBI agents died in a “fall” from a helicopter in Virginia this week.  Days later it has emerged that these agents were involved in the arrest of  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.”

Not only that, she reports that “there have been a series of suspicious deaths surrounding people who were close to the investigation and the arrests.  Just yesterday we reported that a former MMA fighter was killed by the FBI when they payed him a visit for “questioning.” Shepard Ambellas reported, “In what continues to be the most bizarre series of ongoing events, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, Ibragim Todashev, was shot and killed in his apartment by the FBI just before midnight last night. Authorities believed the man to be a friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the alleged Boston bombing suspects.” And further,  “And if that’s not enough. It was also reported by Infowars.com on April 29, 2013 that the original bombing suspect, Sunil Tripathi, was found dead in Providence River.”

When a friend pointed this article out to me, I couldn’t help but post it…what is going on here? Are these coincidences? Keep your eyes open & watch what is happening around us.

To read the entire article, go here…


Islamists on the march? Move along; nothing to see here…?

Erik Rush says it’s time to close in on the Islamic threat to our freedoms and security. He writes, “The gruesome killing of a British soldier in London this week by Islamists and the attendant reactions by the press and politicians make clear two things: One, that Islam cannot be treated as a legitimate faith in the American tradition and in the context ofthe First Amendment, and two, Americans must wrest control of our country from liberal-progressives with all due speed, and by any means necessary.”

An outspoken critic of the Islamic threat to our world, Rush says, “With Islamists on the march however, and the emerging scandals revealing more evidence of this administration’s criminality on a daily basis, resistance is beginning to mount in areas that have been heretofore either passive or outright enabling; these would be Republican leaders and the press. Whether the administration has crossed an imperceptible line of acceptability, or these agencies are just beginning to see the malevolence of the Obama agenda (in which case I’ve given them far more credit for intelligence than they deserve), the administration is now clearly off-balance.”

Read the entire article here...


Strassel: Conservatives Became Targets in 2008

What many of us believed is now being documented, that the Obama campaign played a big role in a liberal onslaught that far pre-dated Citizens United. Kimberly Strassel wrote in teh Wall Street Journal today explaining the context in which the IRS scandal emerged–not just during the Obama administration’s attempt to quash the Tea Party, but in Obama’s efforts to shut down all opposition, both Republican and Democratic, in the 2008 campaign.

Strassel notes that Bob Bauer, the Obama campaign (and later White House) general counsel, wrote letters to the Department of Justice in August 2008 attacking a conservative 501(c)4 called the American Issues Project for running an ad that highlighted Obama’s connection to former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. Bauer did not stop there; he also contacted the Federal Election Commission. That same month, a left-wing activist created a 501(c)4 called Accountable America that was designed to intimidate GOP donors. Earlier that year, Strassel notes, during the Democratic Party primary, Bauer had used the same tactics against a left-wing 501(c)4 that supported Hillary Clinton, and another against one supporting John Edwards.

Even Ben Smith, then of Politico and a noted defender of the Obama campaign, said, “It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Bauer has called for criminal investigations and prosecutions into the donors to independent groups critical of Obama, including one supporting John Edwards and another supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton. His words did have the effect of scaring their donors and consultants, but haven’t yet appeared to result in any prosecution.”

Joel Pollak refers to this WSJ article in the “Conservative 2 Conservative” blog that: “There are many other examples that one can add to Strassel’s analysis. One that I remember with particular bitterness is from September 2008, when the Democratic National Committee and several Obama-aligned organizations pressured the Jewish community to un-invite Sarah Palin from a rally against Iran at the UN.” You can find his article here..

Read the entire WSJ article by Strassel here…


The Secret Sandy Hook Secrecy Bill

Mark Horne writes: “Been wondering what has happened with the Sandy Hook case? Want many of the weird questions settled? The legislature of Connecticut has been bypassing normal open procedures to craft a bill behind closed doors that would, if passed, keep basic evidence of the crime forever behind closed doors.”

You have to wonder “Why?” Horne goes on, “This entire investigation has been shrouded in secrecy, as evidenced by repeated protests by local editorials (here  and here). All this secrecy has been kept simply by the raw will of the police and whoever is overseeing them. What will happen if this becomes enshrined in law? Will it only be the bodies that are kept from view, or will we never get to see any more pictures of the bullet-ridden cars in the parking lot? Or will we be forbidden from seeing photographs of Adam Lanza’s Honda Civic with all four doors open and black sweatshirts strewn on the pavement around it? What about spent shells and the bullet holes in the interior walls? The official story makes Adam Lanza a lone gunman who managed to shoot 155 bullets in under five minutes and hit multiple targets multiple times.”

I agree. It just seems sinister for this information to be hidden away. What are they trying to hide, for goodness sakes?

Read the article here, as well as note the links to other information…


Obama EPA Scandal Intensifies

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. Seems that the more we learn, the more comes crawling out from under the garbage already out there. Now here come more scandals. Tim Brown writes in “The DC Clothesline”: “Currently on the front burner of scandals in the Obama administration are Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting of conservative groups, and the AP scandal. Of course, Fast and Furious is also still very much alive. However, over the past week, two more scandals are coming to light and may be just as big as the others. One of those involves the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Congressional Republicans are accusing the agency of giving unfair preference to environmental groups when it comes to information requests. They are comparing the behavior to that of the IRS in giving additional scrutiny to Tea Party organizations.”

Read on here for more information…


You’re Out Of Order!

Doug Hagmann compares a popular scene from the movie, “And Justice for All,” with what happened April 30, 2013, in New Jersey. At a meeting of that state’s “Law & Public Safety Committee,” chairman Senator Donald Norcross “shouted to one constituent, identified as New Jersey resident James Kaleda “You’re out of order!” Almost as if he was following the script written for Al Pacino, James Kaleda retorted “this meeting is out of order!” It was, perhaps, the most fitting assertion during an otherwise uneventful four-hour long session where it appeared that the passage of seven-(7) new restrictive state gun control measures was decided long before the hearings began.”

Hagmnann goes on to write about the silencing of public voices by government, and says that Americans are getting angry. From the crowd, you can hear one man yelling… “you woke a sleeping giant!” We are getting angry at the cesspool of arrogance that exists among the elected elite, and we’re reaching a point where it will no longer be tolerated.

Read the rest of the article here…


Memorial Day Thoughts (??)...Solon’s Memorial Day Message to America:  You Are Not So Special!

Really…so Fred Dardick reviews Patrick Smith’s “Memorial Day Homage to America,” posted on Salon’s website. With not a little irony, Dardick writes of Smith’s “Homage”: “Thankfully Mr. Smith (a Yale man!) has corrected my many misunderstandings of America and allowed me to reexamine our blighted history in a much more enlightened manner. Just in case the title and subtitle weren’t subtle enough, American exceptionalism is a dangerous myth: Move beyond Tea Party lies and phony patriotism. This Memorial Day, let’s remember our history honestly, Smith went on to clarify in painful detail why there is little to celebrate on this American holiday.”

He then goes on to show six “Memorial Day Lessons” Smith tries to leave with the American audience (who may be stupid enough to follow him with any kind of intelligence!). The list includes:
    1. History doesn’t matter
    2. Osama bin Laden has his good points
    3. Some gobbledygook about power, or something
    4. America is the source of all evil
    5. The modern era would have been better served if ruled by Nazis and Communists
    6. Representational democracy is for the birds.

I agree with Dardick’s conclusion: This Memorial Day message is one every Soviet citizen can be proud of…but certainly not me! This kind of verbiage certainly tells me a lot about Salon, which allowed it to be published!

Read the rest, if you have the stomach for it, here…


Why Aren’t Americans Getting the Truth About the Riots in Sweden?

Dean Garrison writes: “If you have ever seen more blatant evidence of a liberal-leftist-agenda in the mainstream media please let me know. We have all by now heard of the riots in Swedish “immigrant” suburbs that are now a week old. We have heard that these riots were caused by the slaying of a 69 year old man and continue because of general unrest with unemployment rates in the area.”

Dean goes on to say that in all the reporting we are seeing, there is one word missing from the mainstream liberal media:  “Muslim!”  Surprised?? I don’t think so. In this article, which documents that these Swedish riots are in the predominantly Muslim neighborhoods, he also links to write-ups in the Swedish News Reports so you can see and read what is missing in our liberal press.

Read more of this here… (NOTE: at the time of publishing this blog, this website was having trouble on my PC computer. Hopefully the problem will be taken care of by the time you go there to read this article! BR).

Do We Really Care?

I post these blogs because I believe we, as American citizens, do care! No matter what they say about us, no matter how much is covered up, lied about, watered down or hidden, we still care and want to see the truth exposed…no matter who is involved. In that light, you will find the following articles enlightening and informative. Read on, then go do your own research.


DHS Guards IRS Offices as Americans Call For Impeachment, IRS Officials Pleading 5th

Over at the National Journal, pundit Charlie Cook has written that Republicans should just stop harping on scandals about Benghazi, IRS, and Associated Press (and Fox and CBS) — because the public doesn’t care. Is that true? Do you really not care that scandals are currently oozing out of the administration like body fluids out of a salted slug?

This article goes on to list the different scandals & issues that do concern us as Citizens. It declares that we do care about these things, and then gives a thorough chronological run-down of what’s been going on. This is a good review for anyone interested.

Read it all here…


Why Andrew Breitbart Walked into the Fire with Sarah Palin

Andrew Marcus, the director of the film, “Hating Breitbart,” which is now released in theaters & on DVD/VOD, writes: “Whenever Andrew Breitbart saw that somebody was being unfairly maligned by the institutional Left, he became that person’s stalwart defender. Sarah Palin, perhaps more than any other person in recent history, endured the full weight of what Breitbart called the “Democrat-media complex,” and so Sarah Palin had no more fierce a defender than Andrew Breitbart.”

He goes on to illustrate the lessons Sarah Palin taught Breitbart, and why Breitbart so boldly defended Sarah.

Read the article here…


They Were Right…So Get Over It

John Ransom writes in “Townhall“:  For those of you who hate the Tea Party, I have a one word reply to you: Ha!

Because they were right, and you were very, very wrong

They were right about the IRS, right about Boston, right about Benghazi.

They were right about Eric Holder and the threat that our top law enforcement officer posed to the Bill of Rights; they were right about Obama and his smarmy, made-up, intellectual know-it-all-ism; they were right about the press being active advocates for partisan purposes while ignoring Obama’s smarmy, made-up, intellectual know-it-all-ism; they were right about the GOP being wrong on taxes and spending; they were right on Obamacare and Mitt Romney and the constitutional limits of government, as well as the limits placed on government by natural law.

And they were right about Sarah Palin, ringing her bells and warning the liberals that we were gonna be free and we were gonna be armed.

And they were right about Glenn Beck, who’s been right about almost everything it seems.

And they are right about this too: If the GOP ever wants to win again, they should bet on the Tea Party, rather than excoriate them.

They were right and liberals were wrong.

Get over it.”

Ramsom asks, “Would the RNC prefer to win with the help of the Tea Paty, or lose and exclude them?”

This is important…and you can read the rest of the article here…


Obama’s ‘Iron Curtain’ descends on America

Judi McLeod, Editor of “Canada Free Press,” writes: “Under the Marxist rule of President Barack Hussein Obama, Uncle Sam morphs day by day into ‘Uncle Satan’.  Ironic when contemplating that Iran has long called America “the great Satan”. Far more wily than Uncle Sam or Uncle Sugar, ‘Uncle Satan’ lures scores of U.S. citizens motivated by entitlement mentality with food stamps,  free cell phones and unquestioned access to social security,  into a trap from which they will never escape.
Comfortable with the guarantee the government will look after them from cradle to grave, few see the walls going up around them.”

McLeod then goes on to compare today’s political environment with Germany and the Iron Curtain. She writes in conclusion: “By the time socialist governments throw the net over their citizens, it is almost always already too late to escape. Under Obama, the net is getting tighter.  The IRS spied on average citizens who make up the nation’s Tea Party groups, among others identified as ‘Enemies of the State’.  The same IRS hired by Obama to administer ObamaCare. Yesterday when Tea Party groups protested in cross-country demonstrations, armed Dept. of Homeland Security agents were out in full force.

“Barack Obama’s ‘Iron Curtain’ is descending on America.”

Read the entire article here…



Two New Benghazi Whistleblowers Come Forward, Reveal Why Ambassador Stevens Was in Libya

Read this article here


Ex-Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama

Roger Simon of “PJ Media” is now reporting that more whistleblowers are going to emerge in the escalating Benghazi scandal. These are colleagues of the former diplomats, & they are currently securing legal counsel because they work in areas not fully protected by the Whistleblower law.

Read the rest of the article here...


Government Source Says Clinton Spearheaded Benghazi Review, NOT Independent Board

One of the four State Department employees, who was recently disciplined by their former boss Hillary Clinton, has broken his silence concerning Benghazi and has leveled some very big charges at the former Secretary of State. He is now indicating that the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her staff were the ones that led the review of the Benghazi attacks by perpetrating the flaws in the process of the review, not an independent board.

And so the lies begin to unravel…read the rest of the article here…


IRS Debacle…

Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun?

Jeffrey Lord writes: “The President met with anti-Tea Party IRS union chief the day before agency targeted Tea Party. “For me, it’s about collaboration,” said National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley on the relationship between the anti-Tea Party IRS union and the Obama White House

“Is President Obama directly implicated in the IRS scandal? Is the White House Visitors Log the trail to the smoking gun?

“The stunning questions are raised by the following set of new facts.” Lord goes on to disclose how the NTEU and its 150,000 members began “Putting IRS employees in the position of actively financing anti-Tea Party candidates themselves, while in their official positions in the IRS blocking, auditing, or intimidating Tea Party and conservative groups around the country.”

Read the rest of the article here…


IRS Official Lois Lerner to Take the Fifth

Lois Lerner, the top IRS official who is at the center of the controversy for the targeting of tea party and other conservative groups, will refuse to answer questions at a congressional hearing Wednesday and invoke her Fifth Amendment rights, ABC News has learned.

She is set to appear before the House Oversight Committee.  Congressional aides said today that they received a notice from Lerner’s lawyers that she would not answer their questions because it is now part of a criminal investigation.

“She has not committed any crime or made any misrepresentation, but under the circumstances she has no choice but to take this course,” according to a letter that her lawyer, William Taylor, sent to Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the committee, which was first reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Read the whole article here…


Why Did Lois Lerner Take the Fifth? Perhaps to protect herself from Obama?

James Taranto reports in the “Wall Street Journal”:  “Among the criteria by which the Internal Revenue Service selected groups for its political targeting program in 2012 was “educating on the constitution and bill of rights” (lowercase in original), according to the Inspector General’s Report. Lois Lerner, who directs the office at the center of that effort, has received her own education in the Constitution.

“This morning Lerner made a brief appearance before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.”

Taranto goes on to explain the use of the Fifth Amendment, and its implications. He concludes: “The American people have a right to know both how deep and how high the corruption of our government runs. The White House has an interest in minimizing the scandal, and surely that is Obama’s objective if he is trying to throw Lerner under the bus. Let’s reserve judgment on her and make sure not to let off the hook the man whose re-election the IRS’s abuse of power helped to advance.”

Read the rest of the article here…


Tax-exempt charity of Obama’s half-brother is a fraud

The “DC Clothesline” blog reports that not only is the charity run by Obama’s half-brother a fraud, it was given preferential treatment by the IRS, & by Lois Lerner in particular. They not only quickly approved the application, they gave retroactive tax-exempt status, even though the charity did not bother to apply for it. The IRS also overlooked the foundation’s history of soliciting donations before receiving tax-exempt status.

Read the entire article here…


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Urged Feds to Investigate True the Vote in 2010

Brandon Darby writes in “Breitbart.com” that: “Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate election integrity org True the Vote and its associated Tea Party group, King Street Patriots, immediately before the IRS and DOJ began targeting the group in June 2010.

“Rep. Jackson Lee sent a letter to Holder which alleged that True the Vote was intimidating voters and their election monitors were crossing the line in unspecified “instances” of voter intimidation. The letter went on to directly assert that the “alleged events” were factual and that the True the Vote effort was behind the crimes. The letter offered no documented instances or data of any kind.

He posts a copy of the letter Jackson sent to Holder, which directly infers that Holder was given the IRS information on who to target back in 2010. This indicates a direct tie between the Obama Administration and the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

(Note:  Dan Garrison, in “The DC Clothesline” blog lists a number of Congresswoman Lee’s incredible misuse of her position and public funds.)

Read the entire article from Breitbart.com here…

And now for “other” items of interest…

Inventor of ADHD:  “ADHD is a fictitious disease”

How many of us have wondered about this for years? In the current issue of “Current Concerns” they begin to detail the fact that “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”

The German weekly Der Spiegel quoted in its cover story on 2 February 2012 the US American psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg, born in 1922 as the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, who was the “scientific father of ADHD” and who said at the age of 87, seven months before his death in his last interview: “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”

The article then goes on to show how the pharmaceutical market has been involved in this diagnoses, because of the incredible profits to be made from their drugs. It also references how many doctors and psychologists had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies, which in effect taints their studies and conclusions.

Read the entire article here...


Women Beware: Most Feminine Hygiene Products Contain Toxic Ingredients

When chemicals come in contact with your skin, they are absorbed straight into your bloodstream without filtering of any kind, going directly to your delicate organs.

Feminine hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary pads are an oft-ignored source of a variety of potentially toxic ingredients, including genetically modified organisms and pesticides.

Manufacturers of tampons and sanitary pads are not required to disclose the ingredients used in their products.

This article goes on to document why attention needs to be paid to the ingredients used in tampons & sanitary pads. The issue of what kind of feminine hygiene products you use is rarely if eer discussed. Yet it’s clearly an important topic for every woman out there.

Read the entire article here…


The “Kiss A$$” Ladder to Success

Marilyn Barnewall says, “The purpose of this article is to explain how the greatest country in the world could be brought to the brink of bankruptcy and where the Rule of Law has disappeared.

“How could we so quickly become a nation where courts support unlawful foreclosures in favor of banksters who wear as badges and with pride in their unlawful activities, knowing they will receive no punishment?  How could America’s government become so perverted that it didn’t inspect for many years an abortion clinic that was slicing the necks of newborns that hadn’t died in abortion attempts so the spine could be clipped in two and the living infant would die a very painful death?

“How did we become a nation whose government apparently doesn’t know how to tell the truth and which still hasn’t learned that making a mistake is bad (especially when perpetrating an unlawful act), but that covering up a Benghazi-sized mistake is disastrous?  When did the Department of Justice become corrupted to the point it was okay to deliver guns to drug cartels across the American/Mexican border that would result in the deaths of thousands of people from both nations?  When did the Constitution of the United States become so insignificant to the Department of Justice that the  Attorney General felt safe gathering telephone records of 100 Associated Press reporters?”

She goes on to show how these activities are connected, & they are happening worldwide. She then goes on to discuss the moral crisis worldwide.

Read the rest of the article here…

Three Issues: Banghazi, IRS, & DOJ…& there are probably more lurking out there!

1. Benghazi
PAUL: The moment of responsibility for Hillary Clinton

Ron Paul:  “Benghazi security was a life-and-death matter that resulted in the latter. The notion that high-ranking government officials are somehow beyond reproach, as some suggested during my criticism of Mrs. Clinton, is dangerous and wrong.

“The secretary of state’s responsibility is to protect our diplomats. Mrs. Clinton should have been relieved of her post for denying pleas for additional security. Almost 20 years ago, President Clinton’s secretary of defense was relieved of his post for a similarly bad decision.”

Read the entire article here...


Jon Stewart Shows Why CNN Has Become the Clown News Network

Jon Stewart may have had some shameful talking points about the Benghazi ‘non-story,’ but at least he is able to take any news outfit down a few notches.

CNN and other mainstream media outfits did everything possible to avoid covering the Benghazi whistleblowers’ testimony last week. This video shows to just what absurd lengths CNN went to in order to give the hearing just a modicum of coverage.

Watch this video here…

Obama Holds Private Meeting With Liberal Journalists Discuss Benghazi

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should do that thing. Case in point: the White House’s decision to call representatives of fourteen large news organizations into a secret meeting right before White House press secretary Jay Carney was scheduled to hold a normal briefing for all White House reporters. Is the White House too stuck on itself to realize that, when your cover-up has been exposed, you don’t keep digging by starting Cover-Up II, the Sequel?

Wednesday’s House hearing about Benghazi marked a very bad day for the White House. Highly placed, very credible State Department officials with first-hand knowledge testified that the White house did nothing to save Americans while the Benghazi attack was taking place and worked feverishly to lie about the attack after it had ended.

Americans are a forgiving people. A few well-placed confessions and apologies might blunt the political consequences flowing from these revelations. An arrogant administration, though, won’t opt for confession and redemption. Instead, it will double down. Which is precisely what the White House did.

Read more here…

CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson Taking Heat from Network with Direct Ties to Obama’s Cover-Up Team

CBS’ lone reporter on the Benghazi beat is Sharyl Attkisson, who has been questioning the White House’s ‘false narrative’ about the deadly terrorist attack from the beginning. But she’s in hot water with network chiefs.

And who are these chiefs? One of them is CBS News’ President David Rhodes, whose brother happens to be President Obama’s deputy national security advisor for strategic communications Ben Rhodes.

According to ABC News, Ben Rhodes is heavily implicated in the editing of the CIA’s intelligence briefing on Benghazi, which became the White House’s carefully redacted talking points during last year’s re-election campaign. References to terrorism, al Qaeda, and the affiliated Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia were removed, and fabricated talking points about an anti-Islamic video and spontaneous protests interjected into the narrative.

Read more here…


On Benghazi probe, GOP’s Issa says ‘Hillary Clinton’s not a target’

Carrie Dann, Political Reporter for NBC News writes: “A top GOP critic pushed back Sunday on charges that Republican efforts to investigate last year’s Benghazi attack are designed to inflict political damage on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton’s not a target,” said House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa on NBC’s Meet the Press. “President Obama is not a target.”

Issa,  who heads a panel probing the assault on the diplomatic outpost that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, said he will seek depositions from Benghazi review board heads Ambassador Thomas Pickering and retired Adm. Mike Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

Read more here…


State Dept Emails Confirm Push to Edit Benghazi Talking Points

Well, it’s becoming clear now that Benghazi is and has been a coverup all along, just as we knew it was. The White House finally released 100 pages of Benghazi emails last night and they confirm that the State Department did push to edit the talking points on Benghazi. View the emails here.

ABC News reports: “The emails confirm the ABC News report that the so-called “talking points” written by the CIA on the attack underwent extensive revisions – 12 versions – and that substantial changes were made after the State Department expressed concerns.”

Read more here…


6 Ways Benghazi Proves Hillary Should Never Be President

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be the front runner for the Democratic nomination to run for President in 2016, despite the fact that her actions surrounding the terror attack on the Benghazi Consulate prove she shouldn’t be allowed to run a non-profit, much less a whole administration.

The entire Obama Administration has handled the attack poorly, but Hillary should shoulder most of the blame, due to her position and involvement.

The American people need only to look at her behavior before, during and after Benghazi to know how she would handle a similar crisis if she were to be elected President. If anything, we should be looking for ways to file criminal charges — not give her the most powerful political office on earth.

Read the rest of the article and the 6 reasons...


Prezzy Claim Benghazi Review Board ‘Investigated Every Element’ is Pure Fiction

President Asshat Caught In Yet Another Benghazi-gate Lie

For months, conservative media has been howling over the falsehood that the Accountability Review Board (ARB) offered a thorough investigation into the September 11 terror attack in Benghazi. The most frustrating part is that in order to ignore the legions of unanswered questions surrounding Libya, Obama and his media (most famously Slate’s Dave Weigel, who used the report to say GOP claims of a cover up were “pure fiction”) have hid behind the ARB’s report as though it were definitive. For months, conservative media has been howling over the falsehood that the Accountability Review Board (ARB) offered a thorough investigation into the September 11 terror attack in Benghazi. The most frustrating part is that in order to ignore the legions of unanswered questions surrounding Libya, Obama and his media (most famously Slate’s Dave Weigel, who used the report to say GOP claims of a cover up were “pure fiction”) have hid behind the ARB’s report as though it were definitive.

Read more here…


Senior White House Official Says Certain Facts of Benghazi and IRS Scandals are “Irrelevant”

Tim Brown reports: “White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer went on three Sunday shows and indicated that the Obama administration is irrelevant in the midst of growing scandals, including Benghazi talking points, where Obama was during the Benghazi attacks, and the IRS debacle.

When Dan Pfeiffer went on the “Fox News Sunday” & was asked by Chris Wallace, “What did the President do the rest of the night to pursue Benghazi?”, Pfieffer responded: “Look, the President was kept up to date on this as it was happening the entire night, from the moment it started until the very end,” he said. “I recognize that there’s a series of conspiracy theories Republicans have been spinning about it since the time it happened. The question here is not what happened that night,” he added.

When he was asked by Stephanopoulos on ABC News “This Week,” in response to a question about the IRS targeting conservative groups, he said that was “inexcusable.” However, he then went on to say, ““I can’t speak to the law here. The law is irrelevant. The activity was outrageous and inexcusable, and it was stopped and it needs to be fixed so we ensure it never happens again.”

When Stephanopoulos asked him to clarify his statement, Pfeiffer said, “What I mean is, whether it’s legal or illegal is not important to the fact that the conduct doesn’t matter. The Department of Justice has said they’re looking into the legality of this. The president is not going to wait for that. We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again, regardless of how that turns out.”

Wow…Whether or not the IRS actions are legal or illegal is not important? He’s certainly trying to cover for someone or something.

Read the rest of the article here…

2. Justice Department Investigates Associated Press

Obama Becomes Nixon As Benghazi Gate Evidence Becomes Overwhelming…Scandal politics are sweeping Capitol Hill

Just days after news broke that the IRS targeted conservative nonprofits, Speaker John Boehner’s House committees will morph into mock courtrooms where the White House will be the defendant in what amounts to a number of high-stakes political trials.

…There are currently five separate committee investigations into the attack on a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, and a probe into Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius raising millions of dollars to promote Obamacare. Ways and Means is demanding answers to seven questions on this matter, as well.

…All together, roughly one-third of House committees are engaged in investigating some aspect of the Obama administration.

…“The speaker and other House leaders have been clear: Effective, responsible oversight is a key constitutional responsibility of Congress,” said Michael Steel, Boehner’s spokesman. “Whether the topic is the truth about Benghazi, thuggish political attacks from the IRS or the ‘train wreck’ of the president’s health care law, we will keeping fighting to make sure the American people know the truth.” source – Politico

Read more here…


Cloaked in misinformation

Doug Hagmann writes: “What’s one of the most effective and expedient methods of taking an incident that is true and making it not only appear false, but outrageously and demonstrably false? You know the kind of false I mean… the “urban legend” type of false, causing anyone who hears about the incident to immediately dismiss it and attack the messengers as conspiracy nuts?

“The answer is playing out, in real time, right before all of us, and we all need to understand the methods that are being used to cover the lie. To answer the question, though, is for a government official or agency to take what is true, wrap it in the bait of a larger lie where the larger, more outrageous lie is proven to be untrue. Soon, people don’t know what to believe, so they discount the entire story, even (and especially) the kernel of truth covered by the lie. Then, when anyone refers to the incident, they are told that the entire story was proven false.”

Read the rest of the article as he explains how the incidents & accusations of the past few weeks seek to undermine citizen’s belief of anything. Read it here…


Site says Obama stole election through voter fraud

“During the election, Examiner’s Dean Chambers caused quite a stir when he talked about polls being skewed for Obama, something many conservatives reported. Now that the election is over, Chambers is focused on what he said is the reason for Obama’s victory. On Saturday, The Blaze reported that Chambers’ new site, barackofraudo.com, shows that Obama received 80 electoral votes in four states due largely to voter fraud.”

Read the rest of the article here…


3. IRS Singles out Tea Party & Other Conservatives…

BREAKING: Acting IRS Commissioner Resigns

In the wake of a very serious scandal that involved his agency singling out Tea Party groups, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew asked for and received the resignation of acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller.

President Barack Obama announced this development during a short statement to this press this afternoon. He took no questions, but added that the recommendations made by the Treasury Department’s Inspector General will be implemented.

Read more here…


Hillary & Bill Clinton Redux: Obama’s IRS Scandal from Clinton Playbook

Knock me over with a whisper. The mainstream press and politicians are outraged to discover that the Obama administration has been misusing the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) for political gain by deliberately targeting and harassing Conservative and Tea Party groups who applied for tax-exempt status.

These same people are also shocked that a government agency would illegally leak out confidential information to the media. Where have you been all these years? Did you not think it wouldn’t happen to you or anyone else? This is what happens when corrupt politicians are not held accountable. They are emboldened. Their abuse of power grows like cancer and more innocent people are caught in their crosshairs.

Read the rest here…


Now, just to make you shudder…

Is Barack Obama the Muslim nation’s new caliph?

Try to impeach Obama and you will see “jihad” on a scale never imagined before!

In a Blog posted by “Southern Girl,” it is assumed that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr, is a Muslim. She then goes on to develop why she believes this, and its impact on our nation and politics. She not only quotes from Obama’s books, but gives a long list of how he has been aiding and comforting the Muslims on every issue and at every step of the way.

Read the rest of this lengthy, articulate article here…

Benghazi…finally a crack is showing in the coverup…This blog has often chronicled the frustrating coverup by this administration. Finally, finally, it seems others are beginning to notice. I can only hope this will continue, for this Benghazi Disaster needs to come to light. In my humble opinion, this is a coverup that far surpassed Watergate! It will be interesting to see what kind of traction the press and administration will allow!


“Benghazi Is A Coverup No Longer”

Obama’s Benghazi coverup fraud is unravelling by the day. The deputy of slain U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens has told congressional investigators that a team of Special Forces prepared to fly from Tripoli to Benghazi during the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks was forbidden from doing so by U.S. Special Operations Command South Africa…The account from Gregory Hicks is in stark contrast to assertions from the Obama administration, which insisted that nobody was ever told to stand down and that all available resources were utilized. Hicks gave private testimony to congressional investigators last month in advance of his upcoming appearance at a congressional hearing Wednesday.

Read the rest of the article here…where you will find links to other Benghazi reports.


Sunlight! Benghazi Truths Start Leaking Out Ahead of Wednesday Scheduled Hearings – Things Heating Up – Update: Carney Questioned

Read more here…


Huckabee: Benghazi will drive Obama from office

Mike Huckabee on Monday predicted that President Barack Obama won’t finish out his second term in light of the “cover-up” of the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and the former Arkansas governor called the affair “more serious than Watergate.”

“I believe that before it’s all over, this president will not fill out his full term. I know that puts me on a limb,” the former Arkansas governor said on “The Mike Huckabee Show.” “But this is not minor. It wasn’t minor when Richard Nixon lied to the American people and worked with those in his administration to cover-up what really happened in Watergate. But, I remind you — as bad as Watergate was, because it broke the trust between the president and the people, no one died. This is more serious because four Americans did in fact die.”

Huckabee, however, said his predication about Obama “will not happen” if the Democrats seize control of the House and retain control of the Senate next year. “And they won’t let it happen not because they’re protecting just the president, they’re trying to protect their entire political party. If they try to protect the president and their party, and do so at the expense of the truth, their president and their party will go down. Now, here’s what I’m going to suggest will happen — as the information and facts begin to come out, it will become so obvious that there was a concerted and very, very deliberate attempt to mislead this country and its people to lie to Congress, as well as to you.”

Read more here…


Special Forces Prepared to Fly from Tripoli to Benghazi…Were Forbidden From Doing So

And another article about Greg Hick’s testimony. Read the article here…

(Note: I hope someone is protecting Hick’s life…with testimony like this, he could be a “target” himself! BR)


Beghazi Whistleblower: You Should Have Seen What Clinton Tried To Do To Us That Night

Benghazi whistleblower Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for operations in the State Department’s counterterrorism bureau, is expected to level the allegation that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a key aide effectively tried to cut his department out of the chain of reporting and decision-making. His testimony is set to begin on Wednesday before Chairman Darrell Issa’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

But there’s another official Fox News is reporting on. Fox News has also learned that another official from the counterterrorism bureau — independently of Thompson — voiced the same complaint about Clinton and Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy to trusted national security colleagues back in October.

“You should have seen what (Clinton) tried to do to us that night,” the second official in State’s counterterrorism bureau told colleagues back in October.  Those comments would appear to be corroborated by Thompson’s forthcoming testimony.
The State Department said these allegations are “100 percent false.”

Read the entire article here…


Democrats’ Agenda for Benghazi Hearing: Protect Hillary at All Costs

Joel Pollak’s article says: “Ahead of Wednesday’s long-awaited hearings at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about the Benghazi terror attack of Sep. 11, 2012, Democrats have a clear agenda: protect Hillary Clinton at all costs.

“Clinton, the former Secretary of State and likely frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, could be severely damaged by testimony about the attacks, which occurred in part because of security lapses for which the State Department is primarily responsible.

“Past testimony about the attacks has also revealed that President Barack Obama did nothing once informed the attacks were under way, and that there was no communication among key members of the administration and military who could have responded.

“In her own testimony before Congress in January before leaving office, Clinton was evasive, famously shouting at Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), “What difference does it make?” in reference to the question of who had edited the administration’s talking points to remove references to Islamist terror and emphasize a protest that never happened.

“On MSNBC, a channel that serves as the mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, Rev. Al Sharpton–who also serves as an informal White House adviser–described the Benghazi investigation as the “new vast right-wing conspiracy,” a reference to Clinton’s claim, as First Lady, that Republicans were merely out to target her husband and that he had not committed any wrongdoing in the Monica Lewinsky affair that led to his impeachment.

Read the entire article here…


Benghazi Blows Up on Bob Schieffer

This is the transcript of the Rush Limbaugh show on Monday. He points out, and details, four important things:
1. Greg Hicks knew from the get-go that Benghazi was a terrorist attack…when the administration was saying, “Nobody knew.”
2. Despite Hillary’s claims to the contrary, Hicks was never contacted.
3. Susan Rice was known to be lying when she appeared on the Sunday talk shows.
4. Susan Rice directly contradicted the president of Libya who said Benghazi was a terrorist attack right before she came on, which led Libya to delay the FBI’s access to Benghazi.

After explaining these points, the Limbaugh show had audio sound bites (which are transcribed for the article) from Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation.”

Read the rest of the article here…


Benghazi: Will Hillary be charged with obstruction of justice?

Marinka Peschmann writes today that in the 46 page “Republican Interim Benghazi Report” we learn that Hillary Clinton apparently has obstructed justice…again.

She writes: “On page 2 of the Benghazi report under Findings: “This progress report reveals a fundamental lack of understanding at the highest levels of The State Department as to the dangers presented in Benghazi, Libya, as well as a concerted attempt to insulate the Department of State from blame following the terrorist attacks.”

Let’s be more specific. There was a concerted attempt to protect Hillary Clinton over the death of her friend Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Hillary is the top Democrat contender for President in 2016 and she must be protected at all costs but there is much more to this than even Hillary’s political viability at stake here.”

She continues: “Remarkably, the Congressional leaders are missing the bigger picture. This “concerted attempt” to insulate the State Department is not just about protecting Hillary, it’s also about protecting the Obama-Clinton regime’s policy, their agenda that continues today. It’s about concealing from public view what Ambassador Christopher Stevens was really doing in Benghazi meeting with the Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin because it threads through the policy that John Kerry as Hillary’s replacement as Secretary of State has seamlessly continued—Syria.”

Read the rest of the article here...as Marinka asks if Hillary will get away with obstructing justice…again?

This article also gives a good overview of our involvement in these Middle East countries and what we are doing there. She asks the tough questions that really need to be asked. Will Congress ask these questions? We will begin to see tomorrow, when the Benghazi hearings resume.

Read the entire article here…


Unraveling the Benghazi cover-up

Doug Hagmann writes: “It will be exactly 40 years ago this May 17th that the Senate Watergate Committee, a special, broad committee convened by the United States Senate, began hearings to investigate the Watergate burglaries and a criminal cover-up of those activities. At the epicenter of those hearings was then-President Richard Nixon. Just over a year later, the committee released its 1,254 page report of findings. When the dust settled, forty administration officials were indicted and several of Nixon’s aides were charged and convicted for obstruction of justice and other crimes.

“A cover-up pointed directly to the White House. Facing impeachment proceedings, then-President Richard M. Nixon resigned, assuming his place in American history as the only president ever to resign. It was described as the worst scandal in U.S. history… perhaps until now.

“If history tells us anything, it tells us that it’s not just about the crime, it’s also about the cover-up. It’s about seeking the truth but being stonewalled at every turn, and being treated as subjects undeserving of the truth rather than citizens asking reasonable questions but being denied answers.

“The same level of inquiries that unraveled the complexities of the Watergate cover-up are required to unravel the ball of lies that surrounds the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including a sitting U.S. Ambassador. Within this ball of lies, however, exists not only the covert agenda of an administration, but the fate of the world. Unraveling this ball of lies will reveal official government actions that have been and continue to be performed in our name but without our consent. It will reveal a government agenda that has have spun wildly out of control, leaving no one accountable as we stand at a very critical moment in world history. It’s about a cover-up of monumental proportions that is reminiscent of, but hardly in league with, the cover-up of a generation ago.

“Today, the stakes are much higher, as we stand at the precipice of a global conflict because of deeds being done in our name under a level of unprecedented and unchecked deception. Ultimately, it’s about getting the truth, which has been kept from each of us through lies of commission and omission, clever semantics, and outright refusals to provide answers to important questions. We were force-fed a preplanned lie from day one, much like the thinly veiled cover story of the Watergate burglary, but with much greater consequences.

This article also includes a compendium of articles spelling out the details of this Benghazi disaster.

Read the rest of this insightful article here, asking pertinent questions that need answers.


Benghazi Blood Splatter

Hillary Clinton is having trouble getting rid of splattered blood stains.

“With all due respect,the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided to go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?”—Hillary Clinton

Jim ONeill writes: “Last week White House Press Secretary Jay Carney observed that the murder of four Americans in Benghazi last fall occurred “a long time ago.”

Apparently eight months is a really long time to some folks. For such people “a long time ago” seems to serve as a catch-all phrase encompassing things like the Civil War, the Paleolithic era, and the killings in Benghazi. For those of us with a more nuanced sense of time and reality, however, last fall is not so very long ago.”

“We the people” have been lied to by the Obama Administration from the get-go regarding what transpired in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Why? Why were we lied to, and why were Woods and Doherty, who fought bravely for several hours against overwhelming odds, abandoned by their country when the ways and means to come to their aid were available? Why—and who is responsible?” writes Mr. ONeill.

“One hopes that starting this Wednesday, when the first of the American Benghazi survivors to appear before Congress start their testimony, we will finally get some truth.

In the meantime you might want to note that in Hillary Clinton’s statement to Congress quoted above—in between “four dead Americans” and “what difference does it make?”—she managed to slip in two “straw-men” or red herrings. (I especially like the option of “guys out for a walk” deciding that attacking an American compound would be just the thing to liven up a boring evening. “Anyone bring a mortar?”).

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Perhaps like Lady Macbeth, Hillary Clinton is having trouble getting rid of splattered blood stains.”

Read the entire article here...

Are the Republicans helping to cover-up Benghazi?

This week the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are resuming their Benghazi investigation where four Americans, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith were killed by terrorists at a CIA outpost in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012.

The question is will Republicans like Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) remain firm, expose the Benghazi cover-up, and hold the Obama-Clinton regime accountable or will they cave like other Republicans already have? This critical question must be asked because a Benghazi whistleblower has stepped forward and already contradicted not only the Obama administration’s “official” Benghazi story but parts of the Republican Benghazi Interim report, released on April 23 that agreed with the Obama administration’s contention that no one was denied any help.

First, to be clear, there is a cover-up. How can I report that with certainty? Because if a Benghazi cover-up were not taking place why are there whistleblowers? Whistleblowers make public disclosures of corruption or wrong doing. An administration who has nothing to hide would welcome with open arms all witnesses who could provide any and all information on Benghazi to prevent such an attack from happening again. That is not happening here. Instead Americans with eye witness accounts, whistleblowers, have not been allowed to speak publicly, and are seeking protection from reprisals. Reportedly some have been threatened. We now know of at least four witnesses from the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency who have been denied the ability for proper counsel with the appropriate corresponding security clearances. That means their ability to speak freely is restricted. If a whistleblower discloses information with someone, even an attorney, who does not hold the corresponding security clearances, they are in violation of their oath and could be charged and face prosecution. This is basic how-to-silence-a-person-101 kind of stuff.

Read it all here…

Can the President be Impeached?

Is there anything related to Benghazi that could get the president impeached?

Rick Moran says: “Short answer – not yet. For all the words spread around recently about impeaching Obama over Benghazi, there is a curious ommission made in every single article and blog post I’ve read that advocates or predicts that Obama will be impeached. They all seem to be missing the words “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“Yes, I know – that silly Constitution seems to get in the way of our fun. But in order to impeach a president, you can’t just connect a few dots and proclaim conspiracy. There must be proof – hard proof that would stand up in a court of law – and I haven’t seen anything yet that remotely reaches that tough standard.”

Rick then goes on to share conflicting views, and his opion of what must happen to get to the point of impeachment.

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The Benghazi Big Lie

Matthew Holzmann writes: “Tomorrow, Congressman Darrell Issa, the president’s bête noire, will hold additional hearings on the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. He claims to have whistleblowers who will testify and add critical context to the events of September 11, 2012.

One of them, Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for operations in the State Department’s counterterrorism bureau, is set to testify that his agency was frozen out of the decision making process from the earliest moments of the crisis.”

He concludes his article: “Now, confronted with the unnecessary deaths of four valorous citizens, a President stands before us having been responsible for the minimization of the threat from Al Q’aeda; for leaving the helm at 5:00pm as the victims were still fighting for their lives; for blaming an obscure video; for creating a mythology about that video; for altering official documents to cover up the reasons for the attack; and for covering up that attack in the face of all of the facts.

“What kind of man does this? What kind of Secretary of State did this? What kind of Administration engages in the most base lies?

“And what kind of People accepts this conduct?”

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 How Obama Betrayed America

David Horowitz writes of how Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood belongs at the forefront of our political debate.

Horowitz said: “The number of foreign states openly supporting terror has steadily risen during Obama’s tenure. The most dangerous Islamist regime, Iran, is building nuclear weapons, while Washington dithers over pointless negotiations. As secular governments give way to Islamist regimes in Turkey, Egypt, and Iraq, and with the Taliban on the rise in Afghanistan and an American withdrawal imminent, the parallels to the early Cold War are eerie, the implications equally dire. Yet instead of policies that put U.S. national security first and are pursued without hesitation or apology, Obama’s time in office has been marked by retreat and accommodation and even support of Islamist foes — most ominously of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which swept aside an American ally with Obama’s help and is busily creating a totalitarian state.

He then goes on to chronicle Obama’s foreign policy disasters. He writes: “Because of the White House’s moral and political timidity, its denial of the Islamist threat, and its conviction that America (presumably an even greater predator) has no right to condemn another nation, Iran reached its tipping point and went the wrong way. The administration’s denial was glaring also in its response to the massacre of 13 unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood by an Islamic fanatic and terrorist, Nidal Malik Hasan, who three and a half years later still has not been brought to trial.

“The events in Benghazi were a stark revelation of the consequences of a foreign policy without a moral compass. The battle over the embassy lasted seven hours. Although the Obama learned about the attack shortly after it began, and although the embattled Americans inside the compound begged the White House for help, and although U.S. fighter jets were stationed in Italy only an hour away, the president, in one of the most shameful acts in the history of that office, denied help by leaving his post, so that only silence answered their desperate calls. The president and his administration then went into cover-up mode, lying to Congress and the American people, pretending for weeks afterward that the attack was the result of a spontaneous demonstration over an anti-Mohammed video, whose director they then threw in jail.”

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New York Times Ignores Banghazi

Larry O’Connor writes: “In the past week, the investigation into the September 11, 2012 attacks on the US Consulate in Benghazi has been the dominant news story on most media outlets, including such traditional media venues as CBS News and The Washington Post. But you wouldn’t know it, if the New York Times was your sole source of news and information.”

He then goes on to list articles the NYT deemed not fit to report on, such as:

-Charges that the State Department was holding up security clearances for attorneys representing whistle-blowers
-Reports that talking points on the attacks were modified by the administration and State Department, despite their past denials
-Reports that whistle-blowers will claim in congressional testimony that, contrary to past assertions by the Obama Administration, there were military assets that could have responded to the terrorist attacks, but were ordered to stand down.

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Media Cover-Up: Politico Buries Libya

“If you are looking for proof that left-wing, Obama-shilling outlets like Politico put their partisan  agenda above commerce, just take a look below at screen shots of Politico’s front page taken Tuesday morning at 9:10 am ET.

“If you look waaaaaay down the page, circled in red is the only story on Libya currently occupying any space on Politico’s front page. Also circled is the fact that this story is the second most popular on the Politico site. (NOTE: on the site highlighted below, you will find a copy of Politico’s front page!)

“Now, if Politico is all about commerce and clicks, you would think the left-wing outlet would produce or promote a few more Libya stories to satisfy its majority of consumers who are obviously interested in this story.

“Furthermore, if Politico were anything close to an objective news outlet, you would think the fact that the three whistleblowers scheduled to testify before Congress Wednesday are expected to contradict the White House’s narrative surrounding the September 11 anniversary attack on our consulate in Libya,  would be big news. But Politico is not anything close to an objective news outlet.”

Read John Nolte’s article here…


Too Little, Too Late: Press Plays Catchup on Benghazi Scandal

Bem Shapiro writes: “The Benghazi scandal has truly become Watergate for the media themselves.

“Months too late, and only after stunning revelations from whistleblower after whistleblower, members of the Obama-serving media are beginning to ask the questions they should have asked in the immediate aftermath of the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans by terrorists on September 11, 2012. At the time, the media members (with a few exceptions) were too busy trying to drag President Obama to re-election. Only now that his second term is safe have they begun to do their jobs. Too little, too late.

“That became crystal clear on Monday in a blockbuster exchange between a CNN reporter, State Department acting deputy spokesperson Patrick Ventrell, and a Fox News reporter. Ventrell was asked about the latest reports of Benghazi whistleblowers stating that military assets were told to stand down as Americans were killed in Benghazi; Benghazi survivors were silenced by the administration; and the Obama administration changed public talking points to reflect the notion that Benghazi was not a planned terrorist attack. Ventrell pled ignorance: “In terms of these potential transcripts out there, we haven’t seen the transcripts.”

At that point, a CNN reporter piped up, “Yeah, you have. Oh, yes, you have. Come on, Patrick.” Ventrell again denied that he had copies of the transcripts from the whistleblowers. The CNN reporter repeated, “Well, you’ve seen them – I mean, you’ve seen – you know the gist of what they’re saying and what their arguments are.”

“First of all,” the questioner continued, “Greg Hicks makes charges that he thought that there were assets in Libya that could have been able to be sent from Tripoli to Benghazi that night, and they were rejected. I mean, there are numerous charges that he makes.”

That’s when a Fox News reporter interjected. He was obviously frustrated by the fact that the White House has stonewalled the Benghazi situation for months based on the outright lie that this was a ginned-up exercise in partisanship from crazy right-wing Fox News. And he was just as obviously frustrated that only now, after eight months of complete apathy from the water-carrying leftist media, was the leftist media beginning to take notice. “Let the record reflect,” the Fox News reporter said, “that that was CNN asking that question and not Fox News. Please.

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Now we watch, wait & see…


The Nice Muslim Family Next Door

Nonie Darwish – April 23, 2013

Here is an excellent article by a former Muslim about the dangers of Muslim/Islamic ideology in our country and the world. Their jihadist goals must be understood to see the danger they pose for a free America… for a free world. Their ideology is totally opposite of what we see and describe as freedom, even though there seems to be  “nice Muslims next door.”

(Here is part of Nonie’s article. If you want to read the entire article, the link is below.)
“The existence of nice, educated Muslims should also never blind us from seeing the deep problems within the ideology of Islam and its jihadist goals. Muslims themselves admit that Islam is more than a religion – that it is, in fact, a state, legal system and a military institution—with the goal, as one’s holy duty, of bringing Islam to the rest of the world, a desire often enshrined deep in the hearts of Muslims.

“Even though our visible problem is with the Muslim jihadists, the so-called “moderate” Muslims have often been silent enablers and defenders, perhaps from inertia, misinformation or fear of reprisals against them, including death threats to them and members of their family should they speak out.

“My deep concern springs from the ideology of Islam: it has had such dark implications on Islamic society, forcing many, otherwise perfectly fine people, to enact unthinkable terror, as others stand silently by. Islam is the only religion that requires its followers to kill those who do not believe in Allah, and to take revenge in the name of Allah. In the Quran, holy vengeance and retaliation are commanded for Muslims.

“Having grown up Muslim, I would urge Americans to demand more from the so called “moderate” Muslims, instead of giving them a pass for their silence, which appears a complicit defense of jihad. For too long, with some courageous exceptions, moderate Muslims hear no evil, see no evil and do nothing about it.

“Where are the articles by moderate Muslims condemning the prominent Muslims who beg Allah to strike infidels with cancer and disease? The holiest mosques of Mecca blast curses at Jews and Christians over microphones — “Till they pray for death and do not receive it” — and supplicate Allah to make the lives of Christians and Jews “hostage to misery; drape them with endless despair, unrelenting pain and unremitting ailment; fill their lives with sorrow and pain and end their lives in humiliation and oppression. No true practicing Muslim, moderate or not, has openly condemned such prayers to pilgrims in Mecca, nor has named the sheikhs who urge these brutalities.

“The day Usama Bin Laden was killed, a friend called from Egypt to say that everyone was in mourning, sad over Bin Laden’s death. Does such a response to the death of a terrorist stem from moderate Islam, radical Islam, or Islam?”

(To read the entire article, which is recommended, please go here…)

(Nonie Darwish is the author of “The Devil We Don’t Know” and President of “Former Muslims United.”)


NOTE:  Here is the problem as I see it: There are two types of Muslims in the USA. There are the radical Jihadists that want to slit your throat, and declare death to the infidel. Then there are the “nice” Muslims next door that would not dream of killing someone in the name of Allah…but will gladly write a check to those who will. There are those radical Jihadists that want to set off bombs and kill, and there are stealth jihadists who have a calmer, and more patient approach, to creating a worldwide caliphate with sharia law. The bottom line is this:  both types have the same ultimate goal. We must come to understand that there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam. The West and Islam (ie: Muslims) have unbridgeable differences and this truth must be proclaimed and understood…before more of us pay the ultimate price!

The lie about Islam is that it is a “religion.” No…it is a cult for supremacy and world domination through mind control,  fear and force. There is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim” because one way or another they want to control everyone else. Their regulations do not allow any freedom of choice. If you choose “wrong” according to their “laws” the consequences are severe. For example, women are treated like property without rights, the same as slavery.

Islam 2013 is a bloodthirsty, war-mongering, destructive ideology bent on killing every Jew, conquering the Western world, imposing on us its hateful, intolerant ways, and destroying every Western value. Muslim elites applaud and finance their assassins, and average Muslims lovingly name their schools and soccer fields after them, volunteering their children as suicide bombers to achieve redemption.

Please, people, we need to wake up to this danger within our borders. Then we need to put pressure on our leaders to begin to do something about this danger. The problem is that our President is doing everything he can to cover for them, explain them away, and even finance their foreign aggression (ie: Egypt). Also, we have a Congress filled with traitors who have joined forces with our enemy, Islam. There are many high officials in the Administration that have also joined forces with them.

Be careful…be very careful, and watchful. Stay alert to what is happening, ask questions, do your research. Feel free to copy the text of this blog and pass it on to your own list (when you do, please have the courtesy of putting the email addresses in the BCC line, so their addresses don’t end up on someone elses’ list!).

If you would like to comment on this posting, please feel free to do so.  BR

Ok…there are a lot of articles here, more than normal.  But this week’s bombing and man-hunt leads us to a lot of news articles, commentary…and more questions. Jihad” is a danger to our nation, and I wonder when this administration is going to take it seriously? But it seems they just want to tolerate it, to the detriment of our country, I’m afraid. These articles chronicle the bombing, reasons why it was done, what “Jihad” means, and perhaps where we go from here. Read on…and pass on these article, or refer your friends to this blog. Thank you…BR

Awake, Responsive and Answering Questions

Law enforcement sources tell ABC News that the Boston Marathon bombings suspect is awake and has been responding sporadically in writing to questions.

Officials say they have been asking about other cell members and other unexploded bombs. Details on any answers given have not been released.

Read the rest here…

The Bombings were JIHAD, and the Murderers were Muslims

The two men who perpetrated Monday’s Boston Marathon terrorist attack are Islamic terrorists from Chechnya (Russia) who emigrated from there to the United States.

They were brothers. One, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is dead, and the other, Dzokhar (or Dzhokhar or Djohar) Tsarnaev, is a fugitive, so the entire Boston area is shut down, as he might be armed with a suicide vest.

I note that every single major news broadcast only refers to these guys as “Chechnyan” or “Chechen” terrorists, NOT Islamic terrorists, which is what they are.

Remember all those people locked in a Russian theater–including lots of women and children–who were blown up by Chechnyan Islamic terrorists? Same people. Oh, and they are tied to Al-Qaeda and its worldwide network of nationalist Islamic terrorist groups. Same old jihad. Remember,

THIS…IS…ISLAM. Read the rest of the article here…


Jihad: A Study in Perpetual War Against the West

Kelly O’Connell writes one of the best, most thorough, explanations of “Jihad” I have read in a long time. With “Jihad” as the doctrine of Islam, we need to understand what that means. O’Connell correctly states that “the purpose of Jihad is to convert, impoverish, or kill all ‘unbelievers’.” He goes on to show that Jihad is an essential element of the teachings of Mohammad, & cannot simply be removed from the Koran.

Therefore, he asks, “when are Americans going to take seriously Islam as a threat and figure out a way to defuse its dangerous demand to subjugate the world in the name of Allah?”

He goes on to define Jihad, showing the two “Realms of Islam: the House of God vs. the House of War,” the legal and religious elements of Jihad, modern Jihad, and the American Jihad.

This is an excellent instructional article that needs to be copied, saved, and shared.

Read the entire article here…


US Imam Calls on Muslims in US to Wage Jihad

Today’s “Daily Caller” reports on the controversial imam of a prominent mosque in Arlington, VA, urging immigrant Muslims in the US to wage war for Islam. The imam said, “Let me give you the good news: they are already calling us terrorists anyway. Whether you sitting at home, watching TV, drinking coffee, sleeping or playing with your kids, you are a terrorist because you are a Muslim. “Well, give them a run for their money. Make it worth it. Make this title worth it, and be a good Muslim,” said the Cairo-born Muslim.

“Muslim men when it is a price to pay, they are first in line. They are the first in the community-service line. They are the first in jihad line,” he declared to applause.

“This mosque operates as a front for Hamas & has the distinction of being connected with more terror plots than just about any other mosque in America,” stated John Rossomando, a researcher at the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

You can read the rest of the article here…


Jihad in Boston

Robert Spencer in “Front Page Magazine” writes about the fact that the two brother-bombers were Muslims from Chechnya. He explains their motivation, coming from Mohammed’s urging for all “Muslims to kill the enemies of Islam & praising martyrs with a violent interpretation of Jihad.” Spencer makes a clear link between the Boston bombs, and those Jihadis use in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He also rails against the mainstream media for their obfuscating of the truth, as they do not see fit to mention any of the brother’s connections to Islam.

Read all of the article here


Jihad Watch

Boston jihadi met six times with Chechen Islamic jihadist leader; FBI “dropped the ball”

“This is the latest in a series of cases like this…where the FBI is given information about someone as being a potential terrorist; they look at them, and then they don’t take action, and then they go out and commit murders.” This is a direct result of the Obama Administration jettisoning all truthful information about Islamic jihad from training material. If Republicans had an ounce of sense, they would be making this an issue now, and launching an investigation into how much this politically correct obfuscation is costing us. And Leftist pseudo-journalist Spencer Ackerman, who started the ball rolling on this denial of the truth, ought to be ridiculed as roundly and held in as much contempt as Neville Chamberlain.”

Read the entire article here


The Chilling Chechen Connection

Jay Sekulow give a very clear explanation with his observations as to why it is important to understand the ‘Boston Bombers’ Chechen connection. He briefly, but understandably, explains the savage terrorist experience the Chechen region foments, and how it now impacts our nation.

Read the entire article here

Islam – The Religion of Peace; But for America, More like the Harbinger of Death

This is an excellent article concerning the danger Islam poses for our nation, and about the lies we are currently be told by the Obama Administration. Mr. McConnell writes very clearly about what is good for our nation.

Jerry McConnell writes: “Ever since the followers of Islam began their migratory moves to America our country has been subjected to the very dark side of that freedom-to-kill cult that unabashedly announced to we Americans that they, the Islamists, considered us, the Americans, to be infidels or ‘unbelievers’ unless we submit to Islam and discard other beliefs.  In other words, spit on Christianity and swallow whole Islam and all of its ravages.

“Islamists can’t be trusted or believed.  We have everyday proof of that sitting in our White House.  When looking for the truth consider just the opposite of what Barack Obama says.  He is a totally disingenuous man with accomplices of the same cut of dishonest.  And the two Muslim brothers of Boston Marathon fame are of the same cult having lived here for about 10 years before their murderous true selves surfaced. Be extremely aware of these people to whom murder is just another daily chore.

“How much longer must we tolerate these savages that parade under a false banner of make-believe peace with their sneaky weapons of destruction and death at the fore?  One of the first things that will have to happen is the removal of their chief adherent and promoter Barack Obama.  In his eyes they can do no wrong.  That should not be an insurmountable chore with all the facts available for a positive vote for impeachment.

But some say that we would then be saddled with the addled Joe Biden.  I say that is the lesser of two evils and a more controllable one for sure.”

Read the entire article here


Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, ‘person of interest’ in Boston bombing, set to be deported on Tuesday

An expert on terrorism says the Saudi national who was the original “person of interest” in connection with Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing is going to be deported from the U.S. on Tuesday.

The foreign student from Revere, Mass., is identified as 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi.

“I just learned from my own sources that he is now going to be deported on national security grounds next Tuesday, which is very unusual,” Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism told Sean Hannity of Fox News Wednesday night.

Emerson echoed more details Friday on The Glenn Beck Radio Show, who says there are many more details to this situation and would be revealed on Monday.

The Reuters news agency reported President Barack Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal on Wednesday, noting “the meeting was not on Obama’s public schedule.”

After that meeting was mentioned, Emerson told Hannity, “That’s very interesting because this is the way things are done with Saudi Arabia. You don’t arrest their citizens. You deport them, because they don’t want them to be embarrassed and that’s the way we appease them.”

Here are two sites with information concerning this “person of interest” in the Boston Bombings…what does he know, and what do his connections mean?

Go here…  and go here... to read more details about this “person of interest”…  Then watch on Monday for more revelations by Glenn Beck.

The ‘Co-exist’ Bombers

Mark Steyn talks about the strange and deadly week in America, stating that “in America, all atrocities are not equal…”

Read the rest of the article here


Boston Marathon bombing event has elements of being staged:

The blog, “MoralMatters.org” calls the Boston bombing a “hoax” and proceeds to give plausible reasons why. Not that I agree, but I’m posting this so you can see what else is out there. I don’t think we are being told the “whole story” (again!! amazing!!), but I’m not sure I’ll go this far. However, there are questions that really need to be answered.

Anyway, you can read the entire article here


Now, quickly on to other things…

Leading Democrat Labels ObamaCare “Train Wreck”

The heading says it all. Go here to read the rest of the article…


Crazed Liberals Attacking ‘Maverick’ Senator Ted Cruz As The McCarthy Of Our Times For Rocking The Establishment Boat

“As I was watching Special Report With Bret Baier on FOX NEWS yesterday afternoon, I happened to see an interesting segment that had Baier reporting on the recent uproar Tea Party backed U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz has engendered in his political Maverick style approach to the ’business as usual Washington style politics’ D.C. is infamous for. I saw this story echoed again on Fox & Friends earlier this morning too. Apparently Cruz has ruffled some feathers & rattled some cages in his no holds barred approach to his job. So much so that he has even begun drawing comparisons from liberal media critics likening Cruz to Joe McCarthy & that age of McCarthyism of the early 1950?s.”

Read the rest of this excellent article here…

Ft. Hood Massacre Survivors Betrayed By Obama Too In His Litany Of Treacheries That Just Goes On & On

Chad Miller, in this blog post, pleads: “Lets face reality people. Lets face the ’real‘ state of our Union! It’s staring us all straight in the face & has been for a long long time. I know too that millions of Americans out there understand the same truth! We see it every day. We live it every day. We NEED leadership restored to our nation!”

He goes on, “We’ve seen this subversion of our nation going on for decades now, yet who before us or since has engaged in any effective means to stop it? It’s worse now than at any other time previously (this escalation oddly enough coinciding with the arrival of this Faux President). As long as we continue to allow these multitudinous insurrectionists along with their varied affiliated groups & organizations in our country to exploit our Constitution & use it against us through these positioned activist Judges, & as long as these activist Judges are allowed to continue adjudicating from the Bench & transgressing beyond the boundaries of the Constitution to advance a treasonous agenda, where does it end? It’s my belief that we’ve already gotten a hint of that potential ‘end’ courtesy of the Supreme Court in their upholding the bogus Constitutionality of Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Still, one day all I’m hearing is that we’re headed down the road to Socialism, the next it’s Communism, then the day after that it’s Marxism. Some days it’s even a triple whammy of all 3 ideologies combined. Which is it?! Does anyone even really know? I wish someone would pick one of these ‘ism’s’ & just stick with it already! Yet regardless of whichever one we were to pick, they’re all of them an antithesis to the founding principles of our Constitution based Republic!”

Read the entire article here…


Kerry On Benghazi “We got a lot more important things to move on to”

Do you really think we are going to get to the bottom of Benghazi? Not unless we have some Congress members with enough strength of character to push this thing…& they are really going to have to push.

Tim Brown, in the D.C. Clothesline blog, writes: “Yesterday, I wrote about how new whistleblowers were coming forward and speaking to members of Congress about Benghazi and I pointed out the procrastination of State Secretary John Kerry in his appointment of a liaison in the Benghazi matter. Well, following those comments was even worse as he callously said, “we got a lot more important things to move on to and get done.”

Read the rest of the article here